On May 4 and 10, 52 couples of catechists from the schools of Guilghen, Namoungou and Imasgho, where the Brothers of the Holy Family work, were sent on mission.

The celebrations were marked by a rich liturgy of gestures and significant moments, animated by songs and dances, which ended with the delivery of carts, bicycles and handlooms.

Now each family will go to their destination where, with the witness of their life, they will announce the Gospel of Christ and fulfill their mandate.

Unfortunately Burkina Faso is in a state of shock because of the frequent terrorist attacks that have struck the community of faithful of the Protestant Lutheran Church and, in these days, the Catholic community through the execution of a priest and five parishioners during the celebration of Holy Mass (diocese of Kaya) and four other faithful at the end of the procession in honor of the Virgin of Fatima, in which they have also destroyed the statue (near Bam).

We continue to pray intensely that this beloved country will find the peace in which it has always lived.