On June 11, the Holy Family School of Burgos celebrated the institutional act of its 50th Anniversary. They have participated Brothers of all the Communities in Spain, teachers, parents…

The day started with the Eucharist animated by the choir of the school and presided over by the Vicar General of the Diocese, Fr. Fernando García.

In the Auditorium of the School we had several speeches and all of them highlighted the remembrances, people, dedication and work of so many Brothers, teachers, members of the Parents’ Association, non-staff members, catechists, volunteers of Carumanda… This moment was animated with music and dances by the students of the School. We finished with the song “Hymn to Burgos”.

Later, on the grounds of the school and afters some words of Colonel Javier Martínez, we had the hoisting of the national flag.

Finally, we moved on to the place of the newly started construction of the Sports Centre of the School (see link: https://youtu.be/-mJXxh5nqpk). There we listened to some words from the architects, a member of the Corporation, and finally we had the blessing and placement of first stone. The day ended with a visit to the exhibition of photos and the fraternal meal with the Educational Community, Brothers and friends.

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