Today is a very special day for us, Nestor and Lourdes, because God has called us to be members associates of the Fraternities of the Holy Family. We are consecrated ourselves as servants of the Lord.

How many thanks we have to give to God for the gift of life; for having shared 23 years of matrimonial life; for having granted us four children, full of grace and blessings! How not to be thankful to the call of God!

How not to express our gratitude to the Brothers of the Holy Family for having admitted us to be members associates of the Fraternities! The presence of the family of Nazareth and Brother Gabriel has been sources of prayer and spirituality to give this important step in the Christian life of our family.

The motto of Br. Gabriel: PRAYER, WORK, CHARITY AND PEACE, has been inspiration, foundation, light and way in our pilgrimage as: spouses, parents and servants of the community.

We are thankful to our Brothers Superiors: Br. Juan Andres and Br. David, for their words that encourage, motivate and inspire to be faithful to God; their example, humility and wisdom invite to be workers in the vineyard of the Lord. How not to thank and remember Brothers: Jacinto Izquierdo, Juan Maté, Jose Antonio and, at present, Carlos Garcia, spiritual guides who, at their time, have transmitted the charism, spirituality and presence of the Family of Nazareth and Brother Gabriel! We also remember Br. Javier Hernando, Vicar General, and his words generating happiness, hope and breath, which inspired us. Today we tell him, here is “your harvest.”

Here we are, Lord, because you have called us! And we answer in family with love, generosity and joy to be at the service of the Lord, humbly and responsibly.

We invite other couples, Move ahead and take this beautiful step! Be members of the Nazarene Fraternities of the Holy Family! Do not be afraid, says the Lord! Let us open the doors of our heart so that Christ may dwell in our lives forever and we may become light of the world!, prophetic words of St John Paul II, which we like to recall now.

Our commitment will be, TO PRAY IN FAMILY, asking for life, health, fidelity of all the Nazarene Fraternities; as well as, for the Brothers of the Holy Family around the world, to continue being faithful to the legacy of Br. Gabriel as educators, catechists and missionaries of the Universal Church.  We are thankful for the prayers of all, because they have been as morning drops in fertile land; we will respond with prayer, work, love and charity in our daily task.

The compromise of today, we make it with gratitude to Br. Gabriel in his 150 years of return to the house of the Father.

We extend our gratitude to the Nazarene families of Puyo for sharing spiritually and fraternally our meetings, which we live with happiness and brotherhood.  With the help of the Family of Nazareth and Venerable Br. Gabriel, we are going to be family of service and love to the others, with humility and generosity.

Puyo, 15 November 2014.

Your brothers in Christ: Néstor Arcos & Lourdes Velasco.