By Ana Marta Sanz

Some years ago, the term “vocation” meant for us, almost exclusively, to opt for living in a religious community or for becoming a priest and, as a glimpse, living in the matrimony.
The time, the years sharing faith in community, prayer and commitment, have helped us to discover a more ample dimension of the term “vocation”. We have discovered that to speak of vocation is to speak of call and response; which is not limited only a state of life; which is a continuous relationship of love of God towards people. And with our answer, according to LG 31, it is the task of the lay people to illumine and order all the temporal realities to which we are united.
Therefore, what we now know is that it is a process of continuous discernment in which we meet God and we answer him every day of our daily life. This process is favoured at a personal level by the help of the Community. In our case, the Christian youth Community started walking, without knowing very well where, but with lot of faith and enthusiasm. A path of prayer, commitment and accompaniment for Brothers’ part, has made that the Community continues today its path as a Nazarene Fraternity.
The option for the Fraternity is not to take a step forward or backward in our life. To be part of the Fraternity was and has been to accept that, after so many years, we have answered to the call of God according to the style of Nazareth. Under the charism that Brother Gabriel lived and proposed, we have lived faith throughout our way, we have enriched each other, we have grown, and we understand that we must continue living our faith. It is, therefore, the fruit of the daily discernment in the search of how to respond God from the family, the work and the society.
At a personal level, I think that the call to be part of the Nazarene Fraternity supposes a help to discover God, his presence, his word made prayer in the day to day; it supposes to consider every day the challenge to seek God in the daily life, in the routine, in those who are next to me every day; it supposes to try to live the work as a gift and to seek how to improve in everything that surrounds me through him; it is to discover the needs of those who surround me from the love… as the Holy Family did. It is to live the spirituality from the daily life, like in Nazareth.
During some years we tried that our Fraternity increase in number though we did not know very well how to do it: invitations to parents, teachers… Perhaps, we did not witness what we were living or we did not make sufficiently attractive our invitation, or perhaps, we did not do in the appropriate ambiences. In the last years, in a more natural way, we got that more people belong to our Fraternity. And it is that the call to be part of the Fraternity is coming from the daily routine, of what has been next to us always.
Vocations that arise from the participation in the Provincial Chapters, from the getting-together with the Brothers and the Lay people, and from knowing closely the charism that they know from their children… Vocations that arise from the pastoral (ministry), from the communities that, like ours, are all the time sharing and living faith with the perfume of Nazareth.
This year in which we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the death of the Founder is, maybe, the good moment to reflect how we are living and sharing our faith; a good moment to open our groups and to feel ourselves a big family who shares in charism; a good moment to invite, even to the nearest and dearest ones, to be part of the Sa-Fa Family; a good moment to extend the charism that Venerable Br. Gabriel Taborin left us as a legacy in the Nazarene Fraternities.