In mid-October, Br. Sylvain Zoungrana from Burkina Faso in a phone call to CAM SAFA shared the increasingly tricky situation arisen because of repeated terrorist attacks in the north of the country. More and more people leave the villages, hit by terrorists, and travel to safer areas. More than 500.000 refugees are fleeing from dangerous areas. It is expected that, by the end of the year, their number will increase to 650,000.

So, in the past days, CAM SAFA decided to send two 40 feet containers stowed with food, rice, and pasta especially, as well as blankets and sanitary material. A small sign of hope in this dramatic time for the country. We accompany this aid with constant prayers to ask for the gift of peace for our beloved Burkina Faso. Thus we join the Burkinabé Brothers confident that peace and dialogue will return to this land of Africa.