Roma, April 15th, 2005   

Dear Brothers, Provincial, Animators of Brother Gabriel Taborin’s cause of Beatification
and for the information to the provincial Superiors

The mandate you entrusted me with at the highest level, and with which you have  been entrusted too at the provincial level, is not as we imagine, a simple one to do with, but a mission to carry out with love: to make people know, love and pray a Founder, a spiritual guide, a father, and thank God for his gift.

Then, the first thing which is up to everyone of us to do is to tesafy that Brother Gabriel is a God’ s friend, that he deserves our attention and love. And we know that if we really love somebody, we cannot forget him, let him aside, but we speak to him, and speak of him.       Some of us, have been appointed for the first time for this mission, and they ask me what they must do. In this message, may I suggest things that you will also be able to propose to the Communities and to the fellow Brothers.       What I shall say to you will certainly not have to do with the basic level, but may help you to make a further step in our manner of behaving, and not only in the domain of Brother Gabriel’s Beatification to stress upon the matter, what I shall say should specially be useful to us from the old continent; because our fellow Brothers from Latine America have already covered a long way, a good deed that the will improve year after year with the members of the Nazarian Fraternities (provincial meetings and interprovincial ones), and also with the help of the Center of Spirituality. I should suggest to the other Animators, to take more advantage of this last month, lither in inviting it in the Province, or in organising training courses in Belley with its help.

Of course, we cannot consider this before knowing well the local realities. The first thing I propose is so do know the present state of the Province facing the Cause: the sensitivity of Communities, Brothers, and of Laymen, the value of communal initiatives which are happening.      I am working on “Summarium super miro”, that is to say, on the reading and the formatting of testimonies. What favourably stroke me, is the sense of great faith in God of witnesses, their high confidence in the intercession of Brother Gabriel Taborin next to God; he is shown as someone who is following us in our difficulties, with whom we can communicate, who is listening to us, and presents our requests to God. All this is certainly registered in the merit of many Brothers who knew how to instil in so many people, above all in the school environment, (I should add mainly among the she teachers of lower classes, who often show themselves more sensitive to live and propose the confidence in Brother Gabriel, and in his intercession next to God). Those she-tea cheers who, during free moments, are gathering their thoughts before praying for sick persons, recommending them to the intercession of Brother Gabriel Taborin. Those she-tea cheers who going into the school, look at his statue and ask to be helped in their training and who invite their school boys and girls to ask Brother Gabriel’s intercession next to God for a sick person.

There are also the members of the Nazarethian Fraternities who pray with their children before going to bed, and who even propose their intentions in their parishes.
Nevertheless, what astonished me a little, is the small know-ledge that those people have about Brother Gabriel.So- and -so has read his biography, a certain member of people have leafed through a book or through an instalment, and the greatest number of people have merely known Brother Gabriel by listening to the Brothers.    They so miss a knowledge, that  is to say, a sound knowledge of his person, of his charisma, of his spirituality; this does not anyway prevent them from speaking to him with confidence, to considering him as a holy a holy man, a faithful man, strong in adversities, all devoted to his work of the education of youth, for which he founded a Congregation which will have to perpetuate his intuition.      And I asked myself why things stand as so. It is true that our production of booshop is not very plentiful, but may be we propose too little of what we may have. It seems to me to find the response of this thinking in “Le trait d’Union” (a review of the Sacré Coeur Province, on March, 2005, in which you can read an invitation of the Provincial Brother, about the recent book: “Brother Gabriel Taborin at the School of the Hoy Family”, by Françoise Bouchard. Referring to the publication of this book, Brother Bruno adds: ” Think of our families who maybe do not know our Founder”.

Among priests, religious, sisters and friends so all the people with whom we are connected, how many of the know Brother Gabriel Taborin? To how many of them we have suggested the reading of his biography or anything which will allow them to know our Founder better? Should we not have to own up?

Now, I recommend you a few initiatives, which, as mentioned above, are not basic things, but which may help us to know the reality better, for a subsequent intervention.

* Let us ask to the local Superiors if they ever thought of choosing the local Animators of the Cause? And in agreement with the Provincial, let us suggest a few initiatives to these Animators, above all, in particular moments.  It would be all right, it they have been forcast on time, to make them appear in the calendar that almost every Province publishes, as we have already done for the reminder of the novena.
* Let us propose diverse ways  of doing the novena, minor things anyway, but which may help to overcome routine, pointing out requests of prayers also.
* On the occasion of provincial meetings, let us not miss the opportunity to remind people of Brother Gabriel’s Cause of Beatification if only to communicate what is being done in the Province. In many diverse communities, we are not short of good initiatives which make us think and may be imitated.
* Let us ask the Provincial if we have some equipment at our disposal in the Province for the animation and propaganda: images, leaflets, little illustrations, interesting items, collections of texts, books, comic strips…If those things quoted above are missing or are outdated, let us propose a few better ones.
* In every Province, there are some Brothers who are good with their hands, and able to make interesting productions, others are good technicians in computing, and are able to compose a web page or a C D, all those means being able to be transmitted to the Provinces.
* “L’Entretien Familial” reprints serious articles through which we may present the personality of the Founder. (Since the web page of the Institute contains these information -see n° 88 – it is easier to reprint them and use them for lectures or for a mere distribution ).
* Let us invite the Brothers to suggest to sick persons or in difficulties, to ask for Brother Gabriel’s intercession, accompanying them with prayer. let us offer to other people  to unite in prayer with us. Let us distribute his picture containing the prayer, and let us ask people to report received graces and favours to us; some certainly exist, and if we are not aware of them, maybe it is because we do not ask for them in return       I deal with a point that a few Brothers might find critical: the financial aspect, that is to say, the offerings for the Cause. It is an aspect that the Congregation for Saint’s Causes considers as being important, reserving the right to control it for itself. If the prayer is a sign of love, of confidence in the intercession the fact of accompanying the prayer with an offering which might be the fruit of privation, of a sacrifice, is also a concrete sing of great love.

Every Province ought to have a “cash box of the Cause” and a current account called “Brother Gabriel’s Cause” and which would collect the offerings. According to the norms, this current account ought to be managed by the Provincial Animator of the Cause and by the Provincial Superior.

We often spoke of new causes. And each time, we have been blocked by a reason that I consider as coming from our bad manner of judging our  fellow Brothers, underlining his faults.  The holy have not been exempted from imperfections or faults. Hoy people are those who knew how to fight against their faults. Faults did not prevent them from working for God’s Kingdom and acquiring many merits for heaven.

It would be all right for us to begin boosting the self esteem of those Fellow Brothers who distinguished themselves by their commitment, their professional service, or their apostolic job or who in a simple, religious life, showed the spiritual face of the Congregation. We are required to get ourselves rid of a certain critical and pessimistic mentality. We ought not to be afraid of doing that. And that is still up to the Animator of the Cause; to stress upon what is good in the Fellow Brothers, to bring out what pleased the Lord in their lives, and is done according to Brother Gabriel’s style of living: “May not anybody who ever sees or hears any Brother of the Holy Family feel inclined to do good”.

If Brother Gabriel’s biographies are rare, those of Brothers Jerome, Damascene… and of other, are quite non- existent; and nevertheless, there have been Brothers who transmitted a beautiful message in the professional or religious field.       Let us collect testimonies and some equipment. let us not fear of proposing a few of them to people for payers… I know that in Argentina, they are doing so in favour of a few Brothers, recently dead, that is quite well. Let us not be afraid! Boosting the self-esteem of a Brother, a gilt of God, inevitably proves that the way shown by Brother Gabriel has its foundation in the Gospel, a way leading to holiness.

Let us not forget to involve laymen or laywomen in them, above all, he members of the Nazarien Fraternities, and those faithful people who are connected which us. Let us ask them to accompany us in our prayers to Brother Gabriel so that he may intercede on behalf of our needs.

But the first persons we must personally invite, either orally or in writing, are the old fellow Brothers of our Province, those ones who have already given so much to the Institute, and who may still transform their oldage into a pleasant gilt to God. This gilt, added to the richness of their lasting religious profession “is immensely worth more than the waving of arms and the exuberance of power”.  Let us invite those the Lord wanted to choose as the suffering members of his mystical body, so that  accepting patiently their sufferings and their situation, they may show a strong request up to the Lord for our Founder’s Beatification.

At the beginning of October, 2005, a meeting of the provincial Superiors with the General Administration will take place How it would be interesting for us to present some propositions so that the may be discussed on this occasion.

I already ask to the Animators of the “Cono Sur who spent the days of “Meeting with Brother Gabriel” at Passo Fundo, at the end of January, 2005, to make us know what have been the concrete indications or the decisions they took and which might be adopted by other Provinces.

I am just thinking of a possible meeting of Animators of the old continent, in order to study, on the basis of what the Fellow Brothers of the Cono Sur have already written “a Plan of the animation of Brother  Gabriel Taborin’s Cause”.       Brothers who are Animator, it is useless to tell you that I accept every proposition and suggestion which may help us to  make people know and love better Brother Gabriel Taborin.       In the prologue of our Constitution we can read:

“Brother Gabriel remains present among us: through your faithful life, your hopeful life, of charity, your patience in the adversities, your total and disinterested donation, though your devotion towards Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it is up to you to ensure his permanence, to fulfil and transmit his message, and to multiply the number of his disciples”.

My not these words be only a pious exhortation!

I fraternally greet you, in an harmony with Jesus, Mary and Joseph..

F. Carlo Ivaldi
General Postulator