cvvsdTestimony: “The San José of Mayo School of Uruguay is about to celebrate the 125 years forming children and young people.
In the mark of the celebrations of the 150 years of the death of Venerable Brother Gabriel Taborin, in 2014 we held an activity to approach Brother Gabriel to the whole community. It was thus, that a family from the School of La Aguada, in Montevideo, prepared a triptych.
This triptych is carried daily by the students of the School along with a bag and a notebook so that each family can write petitions to Brother Gabriel, or graces or other prayers. Then, another student brings it to his/her house and pray for it. Last year 2014, 157 families received the triptych of Brother Gabriel.
Revising the annotations of the notebooks, there came different feelings to have the image of Brother Gabriel and the Holy Family in the homes: joy, petitions of health, thanksgivings, peace, prayers for the dead, happiness, protection, faith, unity, hope, reflection, example of life, wishes and projects, among others.
This year 2015, the triptychs of Brother Gabriel and the Holy Family continue visiting the homes creating stronger and stronger bonds of love and transmitting with faith and hope the charism of our institution.”

Claudia Presno & Miriam Grasso