Saturday, January 11, 2020, was the day chosen to mark with a liturgical ceremony, the official entry of the Brothers of this Foundation in Ghana into their definitive residence.

A delegation of 10 members, led by Brother Julien Zoungrana, Provincial Animator, came from Burkina Faso for the happy event.

The reading of a message from Brother Javier Hernando de Frutos, Animator General, preceded the speeches of the day; a message which was read to the attention of the whole assembly of the faithful gathered in prayer.  The Mass of blessing was presided over by Father Mathew YITEREH, Vicar General of the Archdiocese, surrounded by seven other concelebrant priests including Brother Edouard Guissou, our Brother Priest. Several religious, traditional and administrative entities invited, honored the community with their actual presence.

In the days before, during and after the ceremony, the community was accompanied and supported by the other religious families (in this case the Missionary Sisters of Africa and the Sisters of Christian Instruction) and by the Christian community of the village of Gumo.  The event took place in a peaceful atmosphere of thanksgiving. The community was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the adoption and the integration it has received in this new village of Gumo, to which it is now part of according to the tradition of the DAGOMBA ethnic group. The blessing of the premises and the installation of the Blessed Sacrament in the oratory, were done at the end of the mass, and before the song of thanksgiving. All the songs of the liturgical celebration were performed by the choir of the minor seminary Saint Charles BOROME, in recognition of the hospitality, from October 2016 to August 2017, which the first Brothers of the community received on their arrival. Our deepest gratitude to the Archbishop and the entire presbyterate of the Archdiocese of Tamale, as well as to the General Administration and the whole Institute, for all the assistance offered with good heart.

“The effort of all people makes the world the house of God.”  The Brothers and all those who will grace with their presence this residence should remember that it is their house too and, above all, that it is the house of God, where the joy of the Gospel is lived