“In order to adapt the Gabriel Taborin House and the former Maîtrise to the current conditions of public use, the collaboration of all the Provinces and the General Administration is approved” (GC Decision 14). With this in mind, the General Council has carried out the adaptation of the spaces of the two houses to become a single Gabriel Taborin House.
Today, the 23rd, as an act prior to the meeting of the General Council and the Provincials (symbolising the participation of the whole Institute), the blessing of the house took place. Pascal Marie Roland, Bishop of Belley – Ars, presided at a Eucharist in the cathedral. We then prayed at the tomb of Brother Gabriel.
From there we went to the house chapel and the renovated facilities were blessed. In attendance were the General Council and the Provincials, some civil authorities, representatives of various associations of Belley, representatives of the Charles de Foucauld Schools of Lyon and Saint Louis de Dagneux, of the Fraternities of the Province, of the AISF, as well as the Brothers of the Community of Belley and other Brothers of the Province of Our Lady of Loreto.
After the blessing, the participants were given a tour of the premises and a short official ceremony took place. Bother Lino, as Director of the Spirituality Centre, emphasised the historical significance of the house. Brother Michel, Superior of the Belley Community, also spoke. Brother Francisco Javier Hernando, Animator General, closed the speeches. In addition to his words of thanks to those present and to all the Brothers of the Institute, he recalled the purpose of the house. It is intended to be the headquarters of the Spirituality Centre; it can accommodate some Brothers and other members of the Sa-Fa Family for a period of formation; it can also offer to individuals and groups a welcoming space for an experience of prayer and spiritual deepening in direct contact with the places of the Founder; the house can also receive visitors who will be guided by a basic itinerary to offer a message to the different groups who come to visit or for a stay of several days.
The celebration ended with a fraternal meal in the house itself. Specifically in what will be the dining room for the large groups in the new area recently acquired by the Institute.
We hope that, in this process of reorganisation and revitalisation that the whole Sa-Fa Family is going through, these new facilities will serve as an element of authentic renewal of all its members in the different activities that are carried out: a new Nazareth at the service of the deepening and extension of the Nazarene and Taborinian Charism.