On July 19, third anniversary of the first professions of Indonesian and Timorese Brothers, took place in the formation house of Nita the blessing of a large mosaic of the Holy Family, placed at the entrance of the house in front of the main chapel. The simple ceremony was presided over by Father Donato Lovito, an Italian religious. The work has been carried out by Br. Edgardo Campos, helped by some candidates in formation, during his recent visits to Nita.

The Holy Family painted on wood by Brother Edgardo on his first visit to Nita, presides over since the last few days, the dining room of the house.

These two works have a significant value in this “sexennial  of inculturation” that our Institute is living because they show specific aspects of the local culture: the garments of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, inspired by traditional costumes; the typical houses of the area; the tissues of the local crafts; the landscape and crops of the Island of Flores… The gestures and expressions of the three members of the Holy Family collect likewise elements of oriental art. The sun and the moon, convey the message that we are invited to live day and night under “the humble roof of Nazareth”.

These two representations of our patron saints have become an occasion for admiration and praise by those who visit the formation house, who do not leave without taking a picture in front of them. Thank you, Br. Edgardo!