The Sa-Fa Schools of Brazil have started the year 2017 during the month of February, after some days of formation and planning of the teachers, carried out in each school. The total of students is 1,600 and nearly 200 teachers, managers and technicians.

First they were the Holy Family Schools of Brasilia and Ibema that began the lessons on 1st February. Both schools are directed by lay people, in Brasilia since 3 years ago, and from this year also in Ibema.

En Itapiranga, the Holy Family Schools, with only Secondary, with a regional reputation of excellence, began the lessons on 6th February. In Marau, the Gabriel Taborin School began on 13th and the FABE Faculty began on 20th February. In the last 3 Centres the general Direction is carried out by the Brothers.

On 27-28 February, time of Carnival in Brazil, it will be held a meeting in the Taborin Centre of Passo Fundo, with the participation of Br. Provincial, Br. Nestor Achigar, of all the Brothers of the Sector of Brazil and the managers and referents of the pastoral with lay people, of the 5 Centres of the Sa-Fa Education Network in Brazil. This meeting has as aim the refection on how to manage the centres and to organize common actions and projects.

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