Can there be better than sharing our beginnings together?

From 6th to 8th October in Villa Brea we met young people who are struggling in their first steps at the University, the oldest who are beginning to wonder about which way to go, those who are about to start a job and those who have been working for some time. Ah, and then there’s the kids, families,…

We had two days to stand by our lives, to look at the door of our existence and to open ourselves to meet the other. The atmosphere of Villa Brea, with its autumn colours, the red of the sunset, the welcome given by the Brothers’ communities and the open house, undoubtedly favoured everything.

And to help us along the way, the Province’s Pastoral Team has devised a common path for all the groups, taking as a guide book Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis. After each meeting we will make a video in which we will tell in a nice and attractive way, the activities and the formative path that we are doing. This is our first video: