Brother Grasiano Mbaling who is in charge of Vocational Promotion in Indonesia made a visit to Malacca region on April 16, 2021 along with Brothers Selvester, Gaudensius Yohanes Bosko and Alfridon Nahak Bria. In their visit to the candidates, Brothers divided their meeting places into 2 groups. One group went to Berasi and the other to Besikama.
Our goal was to meet candidates and have interviews with them in order to ask the condition of the candidate and the parents in Malacca Region. To encourage the parents and the family to motivate candidates to enter our formation house in order to follow God’s call. Secondly, to know, whether the candidates are still interested and ready to follow God’s call. During our visits, there were several questions clarified and many activities were done to motivate the candidates to enter our formation house.
As for the activities we carried out for the candidates, among others were praying Rosary together with the family, Bible sharing with the candidates and sharing the meals with the family as a sign of welcome and friendship. During bible sharing, we particularly kept our focus on Mark 1:17: Jesus said to them, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. And often the candidates fit themselves to the gospel content that has been read together and meditated on the plan of God. The results of this activity that we carried out during three days produced 11 good and quality candidates and they are really interested to enter the formation house and to faithfully follow God’s path and want to be a religious life in the future.
From the activities held, I, as the head of vocational animation in Indonesia got some fruitful and rich experiences. We took several photos with the candidates and with the parents of the candidates which includes the different activities those were held during these three days including the personal interviews. I thank God for his blessings upon us during 3 days in Malacca region. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us in being with us through their prayers.