I would like to tell you something about Brother Gabriel Taborin.

In February 2020 a distant relative of mine, Juan Millanes, had a very serious stroke. He underwent emergency surgery at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. The next day he developed a thrombus which left him paralysed on the left side of his body (leg and arm) as well as his speech and comprehension. The doctors gave us no hope of recovery and, when we consulted a family doctor, he told us that he would most probably die.

After several months in hospital, he was transferred to the San José clinic in Carabanchel, where he improved somewhat.

At present he is still at home with rehabilitation, but living an almost normal life, as he has recovered almost all his mobility and understanding. She has some difficulty in expressing herself, but participates in all the chores at home and in the care of her daughters (she has two).

I can testify that practically every day (I must have missed some) I prayed to Brother Gabriel for his healing by saying the prayer “Lord, you who filled Brother Gabriel’s heart…”. I believe that Brother Gabriel has intervened in this improvement and will continue to do so. I ask him to do so.

Mariano Mansilla. Madrid