Youth who live the communion through the beauty of being together, despite the differences of cultures and languages, who play, pray, reflect, who are set for service and listen to one another. Youth who are open to the fraternity, who have felt “simply brothers and sisters”, who have lived and experienced the charism of Br. Gabriel Taborin and the family spirit, proper to Nazareth. All this was lived in Villa Brea (Italy) from 28 April to 1 May. Young people coming from Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Burgos) and Italy (Turin, Poirino, Chieri) and with the special participation through the mass media of youth from Burkina Faso, Philippines and Mexico, have experienced the Agora of the Gospel.

Thanks to those who were accompanying: Brothers, teachers, catechists, who everywhere they are ready at the service of the young people and with them they walk in the realization of the own humanity, bearing in mind the reference and model of Jesus of Nazareth. We have kept one dream, to carry out in the next future: the Chapter of the Sa-Fa Youth. We have delighted the sweetness and beauty of these days lived together with the commitment of making grown the fraternity in each place where we live, supported by Brother Gabriel and the Spirit of the Risen Christ.