In January 2021, the activity we got was the organization of music classes in our Community for the people of our outstation. They came in large numbers and we hope among them, some would fall in love with our way of living and serving, and got the desire to join us.

Brother Pierre KAFANDO taught some young people to play the guitar. Brother Jacob BOUDA taught theoretical music to children.


In the morning of Saturday 30 January, Brothers Valcir Rizzardo, Juan Carlos León, Mamerto Sánchez and Fernando León held a telematic meeting to analyse the situation of 5 adults (aged between 35 and 48) from the Brazilian sector of the Province, who have been accompanied during the year 2020 (one of them has been living in the Community of Itapiranga, the others through virtual meetings), and who intend to do a  one-year experiment, living in the aforementioned Community. We discussed the challenges raised by the accompaniment of vocational discernment of adult applicants, as well as the need to draw up an outline of an itinerary for these specific people that distinguishes stages, goals to be achieved in each one, and the time involved in each particular case. Brother Fernando León was entrusted with the task of drawing up a draft and presenting it in the next meeting. Brother Mamerto Sánchez took responsibility for sharing the subject at the next Provincial Council meeting.

FAMILY VISIT IN INDIA. Province of Our Lady of the Assumption

Vocation promotion was done by Brother Paul with the help of his community members in Mysore, Karnataka.   The Brothers visited about four schools. They did not face any difficulty in this context in addressing the boys in the schools. At the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, they  faced some difficulties to address the boys in the schools. Due to the pandemic, the Schools’ Headmasters did not permit their students to be addressed. Over there, however, the Brothers were able to visit four other schools, and in addition, they visited the families of some boys in some parishes. In the month of February, Bro. Paul is planning to visit some schools in Tamil Nadu with the help of Madurai community Brothers. 


In January, we, the Community of Scholastic Brothers in Kupang (Indonesia), carried out several activities, one of which was the promotion of vocations in schools. On this occasion, we visited schools in three districts: TTU district (Kefamenanu), TTS district (Soe) and Belu district. In TTS district (Soe), the first activity was carried out by Brothers Silvester Arman and  Gaudensius Taek; in TTU district (Kefamenanu), the second one was done by Brothers Marianus Garfan and Natalius Kefi; and in Belu district, the last activity was carried out by Brothers Van Mekong and Paul Da Costa. We had scheduled a lot of visits in many schools in each of the three Districts, but we were only able to make a few visits to promote vocations in these schools because of Covid-19. This year we need to plan vocation promotion activities in a way other than what we were doing previously.