DSCN0698 - copiaOn Saturday, 4, it was held the 5th Meeting of Nazarene Fraternities of Ecuador. The meeting was animated by Br Fernando Cob. Taking as a starting point the Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia”, he spoke about “the family, good news.” The family, good news for the life of our villages; good news for the third millennium; good news for mankind; good news for the life in couple; and the family, sanctuary of life, hope of society.

And from 10 photos he continued explaining many of the values that the family has, highlighting rightly the specific life of families and personal situations.

From here and in the teamwork, we analysed some aspects of the life in family in the homes and in the Fraternity, to share after in group and make a summary of the main conclusions, to send to all the Fraternities.

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