On July 1, the 130th anniversary of the opening of the Holy Family School in Montevideo was commemorated. The event transcends the local level as we celebrate the first presence of the Sa-Fa charism in Latin America, which over time has multiplied with other presences in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.

We thank God for this first seed planted on American soil and nothing better than to recall the words of the then Superior General Brother Amadeus to the first founding Brothers, of rigorous actuality about the greatness of the Sa-Fa mission and the purpose of striving for holiness of life:

How great is your mission, Brothers! Others go for business, for scientific missions. In principle I am penetrated by a fear that you cannot imagine. I fear that our Congregation will not fulfil all the good that is expected of us. And what could be the cause of this misfortune? It would be the lack of sufficient HOLINESS among the workers employed in this mission. Come on, become saints!