After a normal morning of class, about twenty young people from the High School gathered at the Caselle airport for Barcelona. Many of these kids had never had such an experience before and the concern was great.

When they arrived in Spain they were welcomed as old friends and among the children there was an increased feeling that they were not attending a school excursion like others. On Friday we had the opportunity to visit the city, but the most beautiful landscape was the smiles, the words and the serenity with which the boys were among them, without hardly knowing each other.

In the afternoon we went to the School of Gavà, where this year we celebrated the experience of the Agora of the Gospel. There we met groups of children and young people to show our faith with a song, a dance or any kind of performance. The motto chosen this year was “May faith be with you”, a difficult theme to explain, especially for us who didn’t seem to have any special artistic ability, but during our performance the audience responded in a splendid way by dancing and having fun with us.

When we got home on Sunday the excitement was still very high and the need for a new experience like this was very strong. And that’s when I realized: the performance was very much appreciated because, perhaps without knowing it, living and sharing each moment with simplicity and attention to the other had allowed faith and God to accompany us throughout this magnificent adventure.

I hope that all our young people and adolescents will have the possibility of living experiences like this because they leave a sign inside each one of them.

Br. Marco