The experience in Assisi took place from April 27 to May 1 and all the groups of Anima Safa participated.

During these days the places of Saint Francis and Saint Claire were visited. It has been four days of “full life” and probably each one, in his heart, hopes that when he returns to Turin he will continue on this path.

The days spent in Assisi helped us to get to know the adventures of Francis and Clare in order to put ourselves at the service of others. It is precisely with this idea that we have lived all the time: help in cleaning, in the organization of the days, in the preparation of meals, but above all in listening and being close in the most difficult situations.

From the whole experience, there was a special night, where prayer was made with hands on the hands of the other, in silence, in the darkness and illuminated only by the light of a candle.

Each one took care of the others, perhaps with just a glance, a thought or just a caress or a hug and this has created unity. Everything has helped you feel alive and loved.